RE.MA.IN Ventotene – Rete Made in Ventotene is a project of promotion of tourism, food and wine, the environment and the Ventotene Island culture, based on the creation of a network of enterprises, aggregating together to project to the international market the uniqueness of their Island. It is a specific and unique package through which the small enterprises of a small Mediterranean Island launch the twin challenges of promotion and innovation: by promoting innovatively.

RE.MA.IN Ventotene– Rete Made in Ventotene was presented by Confesercenti Lazio Region, one of the most important business representative organizations and co-financed by the Regional Ministry for Economic Development and Productive Activities of Lazio Region.

The aim pursued, is to support the strategic development of the economy of Ventotene with a view to coordinate a tourist point for all the distinctive and authentic assets of the territory, presenting the Island as a unitary system integrated into its structural components and  within the range of actors involved, qualified in diverse and seasonally adjusted offers, characterized by innovative and functional promotion and communication systems, equipped with an image that is strong and recognizable even on international markets.

The actions foreseen take into account the growing attraction of the Russians towards the Italian lifestyle, generating a kind of offer that combines beauty, culture and hospitality, to promote, both abroad and within, the production associated to the Italian way of life, so as to create new opportunities and it is an added value to intervention policies.

According to a path, in a certain sense “reverse” but at the same time complementary, it seeks to sensitize the Island accommodation system in principle as “Russian Friendly”, i.e. the need to provide quality services and standards and with an attention to Russian culture and sensitivities.

The objectives of the project can be summarized as follows:

  • To present the opportunities of Ventotene to the Russian business community, on the occasion of participation in the Tourism Fair of St. Petersburg. All this, keeping in mind that dissemination of the knowledge of the production, of the characteristics that unite the territory and the significance linked to history, tradition and culture may represent the added value and the flywheel to be better appreciated abroad;
  • Encourage, in particular through the incoming Russian Operators to Ventotene, verification of concrete existing opportunities, also in terms of possible investment attractions;
  • Foster synergies between operators and administrators for the creation and promotion of territorial offers, and the enhancement of local specialties, also through the creation of a web platform representative of the Ventotene tourist-receptive system, essential to make them “exportable” and accessible for foreign markets;
  • Propose to individual Ventotene Operators opportunities for business contacts and relationships with Russian Operators, thus creating the conditions for the conclusion of agreements with new customers and new partners.