Ventotene is an Italian island situated off the coasts of Lazio and Campania in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The island, which has volcanic origin, has an elongated shape for a length of a little more than two kilometers and it is part of the archipelago of the Pontine Islands.

Ventotene gives you profound emotions and in any season offers that what is the maximum expression of what is a Mediterranean island: splendid sea-beds, exclusive beaches, ever mutating cliffs.

Ventotene, a land of intense colors and aromas, is not only a seasonal tourist destination. Infact, it offers various types of tourist attractions apart from its wonderful beaches: such as cultural and environmental attractions, historical and archeological, sport, scholastic, congressional school, scientific and gastronomical attractions.

The island preserves ruins of aqueducts and villas of the ancient Roman era, the ancient port and the fisheries that were carved from the volcanic tuff rocks.

Furthermore, in the Spring of 1941 on the Island, three enlightened minds of the Italian intellectual panorama, drafted what would have come to be referred to as the “Ventotene Manifesto”, a fundamental document for the development of the following “Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union”.

The Santo Stefano Prison is a place loaded with memories, a symbol of the antifascist resistance and of Altieri Spinelli’s ideals for a unified Europe. A pearl of Italy’s architecture, the Italian Government has planned for a massive restructuring project aimed at transforming it into a museum and a centre for university internship programs, to form the managerial cadre of the European Union for the next decades.

Such prestigious past and the present have been recently further valued under the project RE.MA.IN Ventotene, led by Confesercenti Lazio Region, one of the most important business organizations representative and co-financed by the Regional Ministry for Economic Development and Productive Activities of Lazio Region.

RE.MA.IN Ventotene -Rete Made in Ventotene, is a project that promotes the Island as a tourist, wine & gastronomic, environmental and cultural destination through the creation of a network of enterprises, linking the vast majority of Ventotene’s enterprises in order to aggregate together to project to the international market the uniqueness of their Island. It is in fact, a specific and unique package through which the small enterprises of a small Mediterranean Island have put together to launch the twin challenge of promotion and innovation: by promoting innovatively.

Ventotene, the Island of a thousand faces, awaits for you, too!